Research Papers


(Background papers were prepared for To Secure a Nation: The Case for a New Defence White Paper, November 9, 2001).

  • Canada and Africa – Security Policy Paper, Dave Black & J. Andrew Grant, Dalhousie University.
  • Funding Canada’s Defence Policy, Doug Bland, Queen’s University.
  • Arms Control and Disarmament Theory, Jane Boulden, Oxford University.
  • The United Nations, Jane Boulden, Oxford University.
  • The Future of Canada’s Security and Defence Policy: Critical Infrastructure Protection and DND Policy and Strategy, David Charters, Centre for Conflict Studies, University of New Brunswick.
  • Le Canada et les opérations de paix: Un engagement à redéfinir, Jocelyn Coulon, Pearson Peacekeeping Centre.
  • Alternate Service Delivery, Ray Crabbe, R. R. Crabbe & Associates.
  • Defence Export Regulations: Sustaining a Viable Canadian Defence Industry, Alistair Edgar, Wilfred Laurier University.
  • A Future for the Reserves?, Jack English, US Naval War College.
  • Canadian Naval Requirements for the 21st Century, Peter Haydon, Centre for Foreign Policy Studies, Dalhousie University.
  • A New Space Policy for the Canadian Forces, Louis Haeck, École Polytechnique de Montréal and Michel Bourbonnière, Royal Military College of Canada.
  • Media Relations, Sharon Hobson, Canadian Correspondent, Jane’s Defence Weekly.
  • Canadian Security and Defence Policy vis-a-vis the Middle East, Tami Jacoby, Centre for Defence and Security Studies, University of Manitoba.
  • The Revolution in Military Affairs: Implications for the Canadian Armed Forces, Andrew Latham, Macalister College, St. Paul, Minnesota.
  • Canada and the North – Insufficient Security Resources, Pierre LeBlanc, Commander Northern Area (ret.).
  • The Future of Canadian Security and Defence Policy: Public Opinion and Media Dimensions, Pierre Martin, University of Montreal.
  • Canada and Europe: The Primacy of the New NATO, Alexander Moens, Simon Fraser University.
  • Canada and International Security: The Role of Institutions and Regimes, Natalie Mychajlyszn, Norman Paterson School of International Relations.
  • Canada and Russia in a Changing International Context, (Not available on-line by authors request. For more information, please contact [email protected].) Sergei Plekhanov, Centre for International and Security Studies, York University.
  • Canadian Research and Development (R & D), Andrew Richter, Institute of International Relations, University of British Columbia.
  • Environmental Threats to Canadian Security: A Short-Term Menace of ‘Wars of Scarcity’ and Regional Anarchy; The Long-Term Threat of Wars of ‘Redistribution’ or ‘Industrial Suppression’, Doug Ross, Simon Fraser University.
  • From Peacekeeping to Intervention: Expeditionary Capabilities and the Canadian Force Structure Debate, Allen Sens, University of British Columbia.
  • The Future of Canadian Security and Defence Policy: NGO’s, Public Consultations and the Security Policy Process, Denis Stairs, Dalhousie University.